OFM 28 Day Metabolic Reset DIY

$199 One time

For a membership period of 30 days

The OFM Hard Reset is the Foundational Step in the Fat Adaptation process. Years of Real World Experience coaching athletes to OFM Success has shown us the route for an athlete is VERY different than a sedentary person and way more complex than the internet Guru's would have you believe if you are looking to achieve both the health and perfomance gains fat adaptation provides.

The Hard Reset is a structured program to help you make that fundamental shift to Fat as Fuel via Carbohydrate Restriction and Aerobic Base Building from days 7-14 depending upon how quickly your body shifts. The Hard Reset provides:

  • Metaboli Reset Modules
  • emails with instructions and guidance, reference/resource links and video link covering the day's objectives
  • Add-on options for correspondence with an OFM Coach
  • Access to OFM Content Site during Hard Reset Period
  • 20% Discount on Vespa & Supplements during MR

$199 One time

For a membership period of 30 days

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