OFM 4 Week Jump Start

The OFM 4 Week Jump Start is an intensive evaluation and recommendation program/plan we offer for individuals looking for guidance but not requiring on going coaching. Rather than the standard 'one shot' consult which we think is a waste of time and money for all, we developed this specific program so athletes and active individuals can achieve sustainable results after the interaction and over the long term. Your coach will take a deep dive into every aspect of your life to come up with doable, real-world solutions to incorporate into your daily life so OFM becomes a part of your life. The program includes:

  • Comprehensive evaluation based upon your intake questionnaire and relevant information provided by you, the athlete
  • Initial consultation then weekly calls over the 3 week implementation period via Phone, Skype, Zoom, etc. 
  • Followup email outlining recommended plan of action and guidance
  • Dietary guidelines and recommendation. Food log review as needed
  • Supplementation with protocols individualized for athlete
  • Lifestyle tweaks as needed
  • An Individualized recommendation for Training tweaks
  • Fueling & Hydration guidance
  • Pre-event consult and guidance & Post Event de-brief. This includes life events other than competition like travel, deployments, vacations.
  • Access to content during program
  • Continual advancement in OFM. The Mentorship program is design to incorporate OFM as a way of life
  • 15% discount on Vespa & Supplements while on the program

* The Jump-Start Program can also be purchased by athletes wanting to consult with us on incorporating OFM into their lives but with a focus on dietary, fueling and hydration guidance around their event.

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