OFM 3 month Mentorship Program

$250 / Month

Setup Price: $245

The OFM Mentorship Program is a comprehensive & individualized program which takes our collective success in pioneering and innovation in fat adapted performance and tailoring it to YOU by providing:

  • Comprehensive evaluation based upon your intake questionnaire and relevant information provided by athlete
  • Initial consultation via Phone, Skype, Zoom, etc.
  • Followup email outlining recommended plan of action and guidance
  • Dietary guidelines and recommendation. Food log review as needed
  • Supplementation with protocols individualized for athlete
  • Lifestyle tweaks as needed
  • An Individualized Training program(s) as appropriate
  • Fueling & Hydration guidance
  • Pre-event consult and guidance & Post Event de-brief. This includes life events other than competition like travel, deployments, vacations.
  • Continual monitoring with weekly updates and recommendations
  • Continual advancement in OFM. The Mentorship program is design to incorporate OFM as a way of life
  • 15% discount on Vespa & Supplements while on the program

$250 / Month

Setup Price: $245

Currency: US Dollar


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